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Introduction to Atlanta Web Design Co.

Atlanta Web Design Co. is dedicated to transforming the digital landscape for small businesses across Georgia.

With a mission to elevate online visibility and enhance customer engagement, this full-service digital marketing agency provides a comprehensive suite of services tailored to each client’s unique needs.

From creative web design to strategic SEO and PPC Management, Atlanta Web Design Co. aims to empower small businesses by boosting their competitive positioning and fostering stronger customer rapport.

The vision of Atlanta Web Design Co. is rooted in the belief that every small business deserves to stand out in the digital arena. By leveraging innovative technologies, industry insights, and a customer-centric approach, the company seeks to deliver measurable results that drive growth and success.

Unique Value Proposition: Atlanta Web Design Co. sets itself apart with a unique blend of Southern hospitality and cutting-edge digital strategies.

Their commitment to personalized service ensures that each project is not just a transaction but a partnership to achieve long-term success.

By focusing on affordable, scalable solutions, Atlanta Web Design Co. helps small businesses in Georgia compete and thrive in an ever-evolving digital marketplace​​​​​.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Atlanta Web Design Co. is the top web design agency in Atlanta GA, focused on enhancing the digital presence of small businesses.
  • Our services include web design, SEO, PPC management, and content writing, tailored to each client’s specific needs.
  • With over a decade of experience, we have a proven track record of success in driving growth and success for our clients.
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Our Story

Over the past decade, Atlanta Web Design Co. has carved out a significant niche in the digital marketing landscape, both locally in Georgia and on a national level.

Our journey began with a simple mission: to empower small businesses through innovative web design and effective SEO strategies.

Here is a glimpse into our evolution and the milestones defining our journey.

Timeline of Key Milestones and Achievements:

  • Foundation Year: We started revolutionizing how small businesses interact with the digital world a decade ago. Our goal was to make high-quality web design and SEO services accessible to companies of all sizes.
  • Expansion: Over the years, we’ve expanded our service offerings to include not just web design and SEO but also PPC, UI/UX design, digital marketing, and content writing. This expansion was driven by our commitment to providing comprehensive digital solutions.
  • Nationally Ranked: Our dedication to excellence and innovation led us to become a nationally ranked Web Design Agency In Atlanta GA. We’re proud to have helped clients like Marketing Services Firm, L’Arche, and Emory Healthcare triple conversions and significantly improve their online presence.
  • The Momentum Process: We introduced “The Momentum Process,” a systematic approach to our projects that includes planning, design/development, testing, launch, and support phases. This process ensures that we deliver consistent, high-quality results for every client.
  • Client Success Stories: Our portfolio of success stories has grown significantly, with notable achievements such as a 120% increase in online sales for a local retailer and a 200% increase in qualified leads for a B2B service provider.
  • Continued Growth: Today, Atlanta Web Design Co. continues to grow and adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape. We remain committed to helping clients achieve their business goals through strategic digital marketing solutions.

Our story is one of perseverance, innovation, and success. We are proud of the journey we’ve taken and our impact on the businesses we’ve worked with. As we look to the future, we’re excited to continue evolving and reaching new heights in digital marketing​​​.

Scott Farmer

Scott Farmer

Digital Marketing Strategist/Owner

With over a decade of expertise in elevating digital footprints, Scott Farmer is a renowned web designer and SEO specialist based in Atlanta.

His portfolio spans a diverse range of clients, from small businesses to large enterprises across healthcare, e-commerce, and technology sectors.

Scott excels in crafting websites that are not only mobile-responsive but also intuitively easy to navigate, significantly enhancing brand visibility and customer engagement.

A testament to his success, Scott has led numerous projects that have resulted in top search engine rankings through the strategic use of keywords, high-quality content, and tailored SEO tactics.

His work has consistently delivered improved online visibility and profitability for his clients, establishing Scott as a pivotal figure in transforming online presences into powerful assets.

“Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”

Will Rodgers

Expertise and Experience

Atlanta Web Design Co. stands out for its deep-rooted expertise and extensive experience in the digital marketing realm.

With over a decade of dedication to enhancing the online presence of small to medium-sized businesses across various industries, our journey is marked by innovation, creativity, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Industry-Specific Knowledge and Years of Experience:

  • A Decade of Digital Excellence: Celebrating over ten years of service, Atlanta Web Design Co. has become synonymous with quality and innovation in web design and digital marketing.

Notable Projects and Contributions:

  • E-commerce Success for Local Retailers: We engineered a significant digital turnaround for a local boutique, increasing online sales by 120% within the first six months through a combination of visually appealing design and strategic SEO.
  • Brand Revitalization for Family-Owned Restaurants: By modernizing the online image and integrating an efficient booking system, we boosted online reservations by 50%, demonstrating our ability to rejuvenate established brands.
  • Lead Generation for B2B Providers: Our targeted web design and content strategy resulted in a 200% increase in qualified leads for a B2B service provider, showcasing our knack for creating high-converting digital platforms.
  • Community Engagement for Non-Profits: For a non-profit seeking to expand its reach and impact, we delivered a user-friendly website that doubled its web traffic and significantly raised community participation and donations.

These milestones underscore Atlanta Web Design Co.’s commitment to leveraging our expertise for the tangible benefit of our clients.

By continually embracing new technologies and strategies, we contribute to our client’s success and advance the field of digital marketing​.

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Out Web Design Agency In Atlanta GA Testimonials

Atlanta Web Design Co. has been instrumental in transforming our digital presence. Their expertise in web design took our photo and video transfer service to the next level, making it easier for customers to understand and utilize our services. T

he user-friendly interface and seamless navigation they developed have significantly enhanced our online customer engagement.

Thanks to Atlanta Web Design Co., Memory Fortress is now able to reach and serve more families wishing to preserve their precious memories

Keith Osbon

CEO , Memory Fortress

As a provider of apartment turnover and make-ready services, our collaboration with Atlanta Web Design Co. has dramatically improved our operational efficiency.

The website they designed for SEA Morris Enterprises perfectly encapsulates our service offerings, making it straightforward for property managers to find and request our services.

Their attention to detail and commitment to understanding our industry’s specific needs have resulted in an increase in our client base and a more streamlined service request process.

Steven Morris

CEO , SEA Morris Enterprises

Working with Atlanta Web Design Co. has been a revelation for our nonprofit organization.

They created a website for FWAYA that beautifully showcases our mission and provides an accessible platform for young patients and their families to find the resources and support they need.

The thoughtful design and intuitive layout make navigating the wealth of information we offer easy for visitors.

Atlanta Web Design Co.’s work has been a significant factor in our ability to reach more adolescents undergoing cancer treatment and provide them with the necessary resources to understand and navigate their journey.

Rachel Manning



Our Values and Commitment

At Atlanta Web Design Co., our core values and ethical standards are the foundation of everything we do. We are deeply committed to delivering exceptional results while fostering long-lasting relationships with our clients, employees, and the community.

Integrity and Trust: We believe in honesty and transparency in all our interactions. Our clients trust us to bring their vision to life, and we honor that trust by ensuring integrity guides every decision we make.

Quality and Excellence: Our dedication to quality is unwavering. From initial concept to final delivery, we strive for excellence in every project, ensuring that our work meets and exceeds expectations.

Innovation and Creativity: We are passionate about innovation and creativity. Staying ahead of the latest trends and technologies enables us to offer cutting-edge solutions that set our clients apart in the digital landscape.

Responsibility and Reliability: We understand the importance of timelines and budgets and are committed to being responsible and reliable partners. We value our clients’ time and investment, ensuring projects are completed efficiently and effectively.

Community Involvement: Our commitment extends beyond our office walls. Atlanta Web Design Co. is dedicated to giving back to the community that has supported us. Whether through volunteering, sponsorships, or educational initiatives, we believe in making a positive impact in the Atlanta area and beyond.

These values and commitments are more than just words to us; they are a way of life at Atlanta Web Design Co. We are proud to uphold these principles every day as we work to create meaningful digital experiences for our clients.

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For Atlanta Web Design Co., the following contact information provides clear and transparent details for anyone looking to reach out for web design, SEO, PPC, content writing, and other digital marketing services:

Phone Number: 404-599-2586

Physical Address: 30 South Clayton Street #1005 LawrencevilleGA 30046

Email: Please use the contact form on our website for email inquiries.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more detailed information about our services or to schedule a complimentary website strategy consultation.

Our team is dedicated to helping your business succeed online with strategic and customized digital solutions.

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